Claudia and Chris were AMAZING! I hired them for month of coordination because I didn’t want to have to worry about anything day of. They took care of everything from setting up the decor to making sure everything ran smoothly and solving problems as they came up. I got to enjoy my wedding instead of worrying. These two are the real deal, hiring them was the best decision I made for my wedding. Thank you, Claudia and Chris!!

• Alex & Zach Married September 29, 2018

Claudia and Chris were a dream to work with. I discovered Claudia Cole Events through the GTA wedding group and she was so helpful the month leading up to the wedding – coordinating vendors and responding to my emails quickly. Claudia and Chris were amazing the day of the wedding, assisting my friends and family with timing and were able to answer questions throughout the night. Both of them are so great to work with. Thank you again Claudia and Chris for all of your hard work and professionalism. I wish you all the best for weddings in the future.

• Laura & Wes Married on September 21st , 2018

Claudia and Chris were absolutely amazing and our wedding would not have gone as smoothly as it did without them. We reached out to them a couple of months before our wedding, when we started to feel like we needed help with month of coordination. They were super responsive, organized and overall just lovely people to work with. Leading up to the wedding, they were always willing to help and provide guidance whenever we needed it with things such as our day of itinerary and organizing all our vendors. On the day of the wedding, Claudia and Chris made sure everything went smoothly. I felt like the day was perfect and nothing went wrong. I am sure that things probably did go wrong but Claudia and Chris just dealt with things and made sure that my husband and I had no stress on the day. They also brought all of our decor to our hotel the night of the wedding, so it was ready for us to take home the morning after. Claudia and Chris are absolutely amazing at what they do and I would highly recommend them to anyone!! We are so happy that we found them and brought them on when we did. We couldn’t have done it without them!

• Jav & Cris Married on September 8th , 2018

Simply put, our wedding day could not have as smoothly without Claudia, Chris & Jeremie’s help. We found them on GTA Wedding Marketplace via facebook and we definitely made an amazing choice! When we first met them, a year prior to our wedding, they were extremely kind, organized and helpful with various vendor recommendations. We had extensive correspondence between Chris and Claudia. They have all the answers to our questions. I love the checklist in Claudia’s online wedding planner. It was different from all the popular ones. I love how organized and detailed the tasks were. They also made a thorough timeline for the day of. There was even a set time when I would wake up. LOL. We didn’t have to bother our family members to set up and check on the venue on the day of. They were there to make sure everything have been delivered and the decors placed right according to the floorplan. Claudia and Jeremie were also present during our reveal. I was so touched when Claudia wiped my tears. She ensured that no smudge would ruin our wedding photos. We also consulted them with the stationeries (welcome sign, seating chart, menu and place cards) They did everything from design to print. We were very happy when we saw the outcome on the wedding. They were perfect! We were a bit saddened by the news that Chris would not be able to help out during our wedding since he needed to help out with another wedding on the same day. Jeremie was his replacement and he was the perfect man for the job! Later on into our wedding, we had an amazing surprise when Chris showed up to have a brief, but much appreciated, celebration with us! We felt honoured that Chris would make his way over to the wedding even though he had just finished up at another wedding. This just goes to show how much Claudia Cole events cares about their clients! Do yourself a favour and book with them now!!

• Ria & Peter Married on September 7th , 2018

We hired Claudia & Chris as our wedding coordinators for our wedding. They were great and I’m glad we went with them. Here are some highlights that we thought they did an exceptional job at:
1. Response time – Chris and Claudia always responded in a timely manner. They were always available to answer all our questions. They were also super accommodating; for example they did a site visit during a statutory holiday and it was all the way out in the country! They were also on the ball when it came to checking up on us to make sure we were on track with all the wedding planning.
2. Staffing – My husband and I sourced most of the vendors ourselves but when it came down to hiring last minute staff for our wedding, i.e. bartenders and general staff, Chris and Claudia provided great recommendations and we ended up hiring the staff through them. The booking and payment process for this was seamless.
3. Day of coordination – On the day of our wedding, we didn’t want to worry about coordination at all. This is where Chris and Claudia really excelled; they made sure everyone was on point, vendors, bridal party & family! They worked their magic in the background and it was honestly a stress-free day.
We are so happy we hired them because we got to enjoy every moment of the day and it was the most perfect day.  Thank you both for such an amazing wedding!

• Edwina & Mike Married on August 18th, 2018

I wanted to say a few words about how great my experience working with Claudia and Chris was. They are truly the best at what they do… Both of them made our wedding planning and especially the night of the wedding very stress free and both of them were on top of absolutely everything. I would definitely recommend their services to those who wish to have simply a beautiful and a stress free wedding. They are quick and responsive ..super friendly and very professional. Claudia and Chris thank you so much once again for all the hard work that you made look so incredibly easy! You will forever be in our hearts and a part of our very special day:)

• Yana & Michael Married on August 17 th , 2018

From the BRIDE:
Where do I even start. Words cannot even begin to express our gratitude and love for Claudia and Chris! From our very first phone call with them prior to meeting, we knew we found very special people to help guide us through our special day. Chris and Claudia were very professional and friendly with us and so very organized! No text ever went unanswered nor did any questions that I had about the wedding. These two individuals possess traits of kindness and genuine love for what they do, and it shows in the way they interact and treat their clients, as well as our wedding guests and the entire bridal party. On our big day, they both arrived on time and ready to assist in any way we needed. Any small hiccups along the way for unforeseen circumstances, was handled within minutes. They were there throughout the wedding and made sure everything went smoothly. Now when I say they will be there for you in every aspect you didn’t even think of,I me an every single word! Claudia and Chris never missed a beat! so many little details in our wedding was well taken care of, which in turn made it the best day ever! For example, Chris helped my 3 year old niece cross the street with her Mom, so she wouldn’t miss any of our bridal photos. Just to offer that extra protection for her in such a small way, was a huge impactful gesture. The sweetest photo ever, by the way! You can check out the photo on their Instagram page Claudia Cole Events!  Chris, you have a heart of gold and we are truly grateful for you. Claudia. I want to thank you for being so kind, understanding and ever so wonderful! Claudia was there for me to put on my veil, help me with my dress, she even took the most beautiful candid shots of our wedding. She handed me her phone without hesitation so I could take a selfie with my new Husband! Claudia was with me to calm my nerves, as I prepared for my first look. Her calm demeanour made it easy for me to transition from one event in my wedding to the next. She was organized, patient and efficient at both our planning meetings and made sure to ask us about all our little details. Claudia thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done for us. There is no doubt in my mind that our Wedding Day would not have gone so smoothly, without these two beautiful souls. If there is one thing I can suggest to you if you are reading this review and are
nearing the end, Hire Claudia Cole Events!! Your wedding will thank you for it!! Your guests will take notice and I promise you, your Wedding day will be one to remember.
From the GROOM:
Claudia and Chris were excellent, professional and a joy to be around. There was a moment that we were not able to get our rooms that morning, and I was flustered and I was unable to fully process the situation. Chris stepped in and took care of it. If he hadn’t done that, I would probably still be standing there. Claudia and Chris cut through pressure like a hot knife through butter. They took very good care of us and for that, I will forever be grateful. With heartfelt gratitude, we thank you both!

• Vana & Giorgio Married on July 29th , 2018

Claudia and Chris are the power duo. Claudia helped us by making the perfect schedule and every question I had she came back with the best suggestions. I honestly don’t know what I would’ve done without them. Planning a wedding is stressful enough, they helped take care of all of the details. Chris was great with making sure everything went smoothly and we were on schedule throughout the day. Everyone kept saying how I looked so relaxed and I can honestly thank Claudia and Chris for that.

• Christena & Andrew Married on July 14th , 2018

I am so happy that I chose Claudia and Chris to be our wedding planners! I met them one year prior to our wedding and they helped with every step of the planning process – thankfully! I could never
have pulled it off without them. My main contact was Claudia and she was a pleasure to work with. I am an indecisive person and yet Claudia never seemed bothered by the countless email exchanges that were needed for me to make just one decision. Both Claudia and Chris were at our wedding which was wonderful. They were able to deal with any minor blips that occurred so that I had nothing to worry about and could just enjoy the day. They are wonderful people and I highly recommend them!

• Maria & Irem Married on July 7th , 2018

Professionals hire professionals! So as a corporate event planner myself, it was without hesitation that a true wedding expert be handed the proverbial batton for our special day. The Claudia Cole Events team displayed such great energy and professionalism during the entire planning and delivery process. On-site they successfully managed over 7 different suppliers and due to Mother Nature, a last minute change of ceremony location…all with an overwhelming amount of finesse. Their calm cool demeanour and extreme organization absolutely helped Adam and I enjoy and embrace our wedding day the way we had always imagined.  I can say unequivocally, the day would not have been as successful if their team wasn’t part of it.

• Lindsey & Adam Married on June 1st, 2018

Claudia and Chris made sure that the wedding was set up and everything was put into place before the ceremony started and made sure everything continued that way once the party began. Recommend them to anyone who wants to have a sans stressful wedding day! Thanks so much for everything you two!

• Alanna & Phil Married on April 28th , 2018

I hate to start off with clichés, but where do we begin! Claudia and Chris, Thank you! Thank you so much for making our experience an even more wonderful journey!! Thank you for being there for us through it all. From beginning to end. We are absolutely blessed and honored to have had you guys by our side the entire way. You have been such an incredible support for us, and we truly are grateful for everything you did for us. Honestly, you guys are incredible individuals, and we love you both. Thank you for being part of our special day. With that being said, Claudia Cole Events is by far one of the best decisions we have made in our wedding planning process. We had seen them work their magic at our cousin’s wedding, and were so impressed, we had to have them do our special day. As a groom myself, I could not see my bride to be stressed, or worry on our special day. I wanted nothing but for her to sit back, relax, and know that everything was going to be taken care of.  Claudia and Chris are super professional, fun, courteous, amusing, patient, troubleshooting gurus, and caring. From the moment we met them, they had us at “hello!” The amount of time, patience they had with us was very outstanding. Granted I hope we weren’t that difficult, and we were quite organized…. But then, Claudia and Chris even put that to shame! They had us all set up with their website, and helped us plan everything out, from payments to vendors, seating charts, song lists, photo list, Timeline you name it.  They were also very attentive, and present at all events leading to the wedding. From the Church Rehearsals, and meeting us at café shops etc. We felt we were part of the family, and they were no longer just a vendor, but to us friends gained, and we were so honoured to have them with us at our wedding. I feel like I am missing a lot of information, but it truly was a magical bond, where you aren’t judged, and you are embraced. They are so open minded to all cultures, experiences, and embrace the entire event. When we had a few moments of potential panic, they were so calm and addressed and solved the issue without any hesitation. They even had vendors price match for the ones who backed out on us last minute. Truly an incredible and magical experience. We know a wedding is a once in a lifetime experience, but for any other future events, we will definitely contact Chris and Claudia, as they raised the bar so high, we will always want all events to follow suit. You can rely and be stress free knowing that they will take super care of you.  I want to write more, but again, I think their actions and their high quality speaks for themselves. I wish nothing but the best for the both of you, and as I said to you before. We love you guys, and hope to continue talking, as we felt a genuine bond. 

• Vartevar & Natalie Married on April 7th, 2018

Hiring Claudia as my day of coordinator was the best decision I could have made! As an event planner I am a bit detailed myself and it was important to have someone I could trust carry out all of my plans. Claudia exceeded all of my expectations! We kept in close contact for the months leading up to the day, and she asked all of the extra questions I hadn’t thought through. She came to my rehearsal dinner to go over the schedule, picked up all of my items on the day of the wedding, set everything up perfectly, and collected and delivered everything back the next day. I didn’t have to think twice about anything she was taking care of which made the day so stress free. THANK YOU CLAUDIA!

• Caitlin & Drew Married on October 21st, 2017

Claudia and Chris were like God-send angels for our wedding day! My now husband and I never considered a day-of-coordinator throughout the wedding planning process, but as the day came near, we realized we needed professional help to ensure the day will go smoothly! Even though we hired them as day-of-coordinators, Claudia and Chris went above and beyond and it felt like they were here to give us help and support throughout the month leading up to the day. They prepared a detailed schedule and also contacted all our vendors. Their planning website was also extremely helpful to keep us on track of everything. I would hire them over and over again if I could! They are the sweetest! Everything was well organized and they were there to set-up before I even arrived to the venue. I was so shocked to see my vision turn into a reality by these two lovely people. There may or may not have been some hiccups during the day, but at no point was I stressed or concerned because they took care of it. Also note to
other soon-to-be-brides. HIRE A COORDINATOR, it’s a choice you won’t regret! In fact HIRE CLAUDIA AND CHRIS

• Tiffany & Albert Married on September 29th, 2017

We would give Claudia six stars if that option is available! She was with us every step of the way for the past year with her full planning service. Our wedding day was beautiful and everything went exactly as I envisioned. We owe her and her assistant Chris a big thank you! You guys always got our back and had our best interests in mind. Your courteous demeanor really outshines. Our videographer and DJ recommended by Claudia are highly professional and went above and beyond for us just as she did! We are so lucky to have you!

• Jessie & Kevin Married on September 23rd, 2017

We’d like to thank Claudia &; Chris for all of their help in making our wedding day a great success!  Although we went with the day of planning package, we felt as though Claudia & Chris did much more! They were extremely responsive to any questions that we had leading up to the day of, and met with us to review our vision and then again to review a detailed outline of how everything would happen on the big day. They were also the main point of contact for all of our vendors, and were available to answer any questions that came up along the way. On the day of the wedding, they helped set everything up, answered any questions that came up, and ensured that everything ran smoothly. We did not have one single issue…at least not that we were aware of! This is exactly how a wedding day should go; any issues were handled by Claudia & Chris, making it a wonderful and stress free day for my husband and I. We would gladly recommend using Claudia Cole Events, and would certainly not hesitate to use them again for another event. Thanks for all of your help Claudia & Chris!

Alacia &; Scott Married on September 9th, 2017

As soon as I started planning my wedding, my sister strongly encourage me to hire a planner. To be honest, I wasn’t overly interested. I mean, how hard is it to plan a wedding? Pick the food and the venue, shouldn’t be rocket science. Most venues do all the detailing, I assumed. But my sister persisted and begrudgingly I reached out to Claudia, who my sister had recommended. I really didn’t think I would be using very much of her but I figured I could delegate some Day Of tasks to her. Dress fluffing, limo calling, general bidding, etc. Let’s just say that after going through my wedding – I have no idea how these things happen without a planner! Claudia organised the vendors, the agenda, the ceremony, the decor, the table settings, the gifts, the guests, the food, the flowers … need I go on?? She was so kind and patient with me and my fiancé, even though we constantly changed things, didn’t respond to her emails for days and had no knowledge of virtually anything wedding related. She maintained professionalism and politeness from start to finish, with a really warm and comforting personality that clicked with us instantaneously. Claudia has worked in event planning for years and years and boy does it show. She knows her way in and out of venues and speaks the pastry, AV, decor, catering and service language fluently. Her particular knowledge of hotels was extremely helpful as the resort I choose to host my fancy Muskoka wedding was … well let’s just say only marginally helpful. Having her there day of, working with the vendors and hotel staff and my family and friends, was such a stress off my back. I knew any question Claudia was asked, she’d know the answer to. Claudia really astounded me by solving problems before they happened. She also knew how to solve problems when they did happen (ie finding a garter belt for me with only 20 minutes to spare or fixing my bridesmaids floral arrangement when my florist was mia). I knew that whatever happened, Claudia would be able to handle it with grace, poise and assurance. I was a pretty laid back bride but my wedding wouldn’t have been as successful if it wasn’t for Claudia. Thanks so much CC for making our day one we will never forget! 

• Sarah & John Married on July 29th , 2017

I can not say enough positive things about Claudia and her assistant Chris. We hired them to assist us on our wedding day, but were pleasantly surprised at how accessible they were leading up to the event. They made a formidable, professional, kind and extremely organized team, and I would recommend them in a heart beat! They went above and beyond their traditional roles to make our wedding a smashing success and kept things running on time down to the minute. Hire them, you will not be disappointed.

• Brianna & Cameron Married on July 22nd , 2017

We consider ourselves extremely lucky to have worked with Claudia and Chris in planning our wedding. Claudia is passionate about her work, creative, incredibly organized, and paid close attention to every detail over the six-month planning process – and, of course, on the day of wedding! Chris was incredibly efficient in coordinating a valet service for the event, and on the wedding day, they were both always present and making sure everything was going smoothly. There are so many choices to be made throughout the planning process. Claudia is an excellent listener and very responsive. She anticipated our needs and guided us through the decision-making, all the while respecting our ideas and choices. Claudia would discuss our options with us, provide expert insight and make sure our vision was carried out. Her comments were always supportive and positive, and she and Chris just found ways to make everything happen! Most of all, we are very grateful for Claudia’s calm and joyful temperament. Wedding planning is anintensive  process, and it can absolutely be stressful, yet Claudia and Chris absorbed our stress and allowed the planning process (and the wedding day) to be fun and hassle-free for us! We want to thank Claudia and Chris for all of their hard work, and for making our wedding day a smooth, memorable and incredibly fun occasion!

• Christina & Alberto Married on June 30th , 2017

Claudia & Chris were great to work with, friendly and accommodating and always gave me helpful tips on where to buy or look for things. Claudia is organized and is a list maker (like myself) and I could right away that I could trust her with my wedding setup for the ceremony and Reception decor and teardown after (and drop off to my parents place the next morning). She always followed up right away and asked the right questions, especially the ones that I wasn’t thinking of. Thank you Claudia & Chris for your great work and helping us on our Special Day.

• Odette & Michael Married on June 10th, 2017